How do we create the Big Bad Mouse shadow? (Spoiler Alert!) (NEW!)

Hear from Nicola and Jesse about how the Big Bad Mouse shadow puppet works in the show.

Why do stage managers wear black? (NEW!)

Company Stage Manager Nicola explains why stage managers wear black clothing during the show.

How do the crew communicate with each other during a show?

Company Stage Manager Nicola explains how the crew communicate during the show.

How to call a cue with Nicola

Learn how Company Stage Manager Nicola calls a cue during the Gruffalo's Child show!

Get the know the director, Liesel!

Meet Liesel Badorrek, the director of The Gruffalo's Child!

What does a Director do?

Liesel Badorrek - Director of The Gruffalo's Child - answers your questions about the role of a director for a show.

Quick Changes

Skyler (Predators and The Gruffalo) explains what a quick change is and how it happens during the show.

Top tips for learning lines

Enya (The Gruffalo's Child) shares her top tips for how actors can learn their lines.

Stage Management's Preparations for the Show

Hear from Nicola and Jesse, the Stage Management team of The Gruffalo's Child, about their roles and how they put the show together at each venue.

Adapting a book for stage: Interview with Skyler

Hear from cast member Skyler Ellis about what it's like to adapt a well-loved book for the stage.

Filmed with thanks to Bunjil Place.

Physical Warm Up before show with Madison

Madison Hegarty, who plays Mouse, takes you throw a pre-show physical warmup that you can do yourself at home.

What you'll need: A bit of space to move

Age recommendation: 5+

Creating the Gruffalo's Child Character with Enya

Meet Enya Daly who plays The Gruffalo's Child and hear about how she created the character.

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