Scrambled Snake Recipe​

Make your own delicious scrambled snake on toast!


Snakeskin (1 zucchini)​
Fungus (chopped button mushrooms)
Snake innards (6 eggs)
Snake tongue (thin strips of capsicum – you can use fresh or in brine)
Snake eyes (stuffed green olive or peas)
Stink bugs (capers)
Wombat puke (grated cheese)
Leathery bark (toast and butter)
Remember, you can change or add in any other extra toppings that you’d like


A chopping board
A grater (a grown-up may need to help with this)
A knife (a grown-up will need to help with chopping)
A large mixing bowl
A whisk or a fork
A frying pan that can also go under the grill (a grown-up will need to help with this)

How long will it take?

20 mins

Age Recommendation

5+ (with grown up assistance)​